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FUTURE FEMALES founders club

The destination for ambitious female founders to break through to the next level of growth in their businesses, together.

Doors are currently closed, join the waitlist to be the first to hear when doors open!

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Because there is no ‘regular day’ in entrepreneurship.

Every day you are faced with different physical and mental challenges – whether it’s finding customers, fear of failure, lack of progress, or anxiety over being able to pay staff (or yourself) this month.

And these challenges?  Only another entrepreneur can understand.

The Founders Club gives you the tools, coaching, accountability and community you need to grow your business to six-figures +(in $).  

We exist to empower you to set massive goals, and take tangible steps to achieving these every single month.  We support you to maximise you time, money, energy & relationships to build the business and life of your dreams.



Founders Club is specifically for women who are ‘in business’. 

Founders join us when they want to STOP:

  • Doing it all alone – they want to overcome the feelings of being tired, frustrated and stuck and the anxiety of wondering when will this all ‘pay off’


  • Feeling overwhelmed by trying to ‘figure it all out’ themselves – they just want to learn from someone who’s done it all before


  • Allowing fear and procrastination to hold them back from taking the RIGHT action in their business (the action that will actually have an impact)


  • Feeling confident, supported and excited by every action they take in their business, and in achieving their massive business goals


  • Breaking through – getting unstuck and seeing consistent customers and cashflow, on the way to building a 6-figure+ business


  • Feeling in flow – operating from a calm and connected space that attracts the right energy and opportunity into their businesses and lives

The Founders Club is for women who invest in themselves – who are committed to life-long learning, and see collaboration as essential (not optional), in achieving their goals.



You can expect on the inside

Our mission is to be the #1 destination for female entrepreneurs to access all the resources they need to level up in their businesses.

  • Founders Success Path: 
    The tips, resources & steps to follow as you level up through the five stages of growth on your way to a 6 figure business ($)
  • Monthly Goal-Setting Workshop: 
    Getting you to think bigger, and hold yourself accountable to making progress every month

  • Accountability Partner Matching: 
    Be paired 1:1 with an entrepreneur at your stage, to commit to and hold each other accountable to goals
  • Monthly Practical Training Bundle: 
    Each month we implement a proven success strategy into your business - to help you maximise your time, energy & relationships
  • Monthly LIVE Expert Masterclass: 
    Your face-time with a leading expert or entrepreneur, to get the support you need, blocks removed & questions answered
  • Entrepreneur Community: 
    Get featured and market your business in our member directory, find services you need & connect with like-minded women

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Access coaches who’ve done it before, content that’s full of proven strategies, accountability forums that won’t let you fail, and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs building their dream businesses and lives alongside you, excited to celebrate your wins!

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We're excited to meet you

We’re Cerina and Lauren, and we know first-hand about building businesses online.

Between us we’ve started five businesses, worked in six global accelerators, directly coached over 1,000 female entrepreneurs, and built the Future Females community… to over 25 cities and 20,000 members, all in under 2 years.

We understand what it takes to grow a successful business – the practical strategies, and the inner work that needs to be done.

And one of the most important aspects?  The community.  The Founders Club is our inner circle – where we and the members of our community openly share, celebrate wins, learn from fails, and collaborate.  We’d love to see you in there and support your journey. The Founders Club doors are currently closed! To be the first to hear when we re-open in the new year…